marines helping marines
marines helping marines picture of waiving flag wounded marine program of the marine corps league
marines helping marines


  1. To solicit and receive donations from the Marine Corps League, Veterans Organizations and general public
  2. Funds are to be used in support of injured Marine Corps personnel and Navy FMF Corpsmen returning from the war on terror in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.
  3. Financial assistance will also be given to the family members of these wounded veterans
  4. The financial support will consist of but not limited to:
    • Airline tickets and travel money to military members for emergency leave.
    • Airline tickets, hotel vouchers, restaurant vouchers, and taxi vouchers will be available to the injured veterans family members.
    • Funds will also be used in the purchase of telephone cards, health and comfort items, toilet items, and any other items that may be needed by the injured veterans and their families.
  5. The Marine Corps League will make weekly visits to the hospitals to spend time with the veterans and their families and accessing their needs.
  6. The Marines Helping Marines Program will be managed by a National Committee consisting of a Chairman and a Member of each participating hospital.
  7. The Marines Helping Marines Committee will be appointed by the National Commandant of the Marine Corps League with the approval of the MCL board of trustees.
  8. No member of the Marines Helping Marines or the Marine Corps League will be compensated in any manner.
  9. No part of the net earnings of the Marines Helping Marines shall inure to the benefits of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other persons.
marines helping marines