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marines helping marines


From the very small to the very large fundraising event, the Marines Helping Marines is deeply appreciative of all the time and effort spent to host an event that will raise funds and awareness to support our wounded WARRIORS and their families. Fundraiser's are a fun and inviting way to get everyone involved in helping our troops! We are honored that others graciously host fundraiser's and special events and donate the proceeds to our Hospital Program so we can help those who sacrifice so much.

Contact us for help with guidelines and promotional materials
and to post your up coming events.


The Marines Helping Marines Program would like to thank everyone who took part in our third annual MHM raffle and we look forward to your participation again next year.

The winners of the third annual MHM raffle are :

1st place
Mark Hynes -- Hinsdale, NH

2nd place
Howards Garage -- Hudson Falls, NY

3rd place
John Sergeant -- Yorktown, Va

4th place
Charles Miller--Norwood, NC

5th place
Tucson Detachment -- Toucan, Az

6th place
Anne Arundel County Detachment -- Severn, Md


Schuykill-Carbon Detachment 626

Schuykill-Carbon Detachment 626

Gold Star Sponsor of the Marines Helping Marines
Will be holding several events during the months of March, April, May and June. Please visit their website, and under the Marines Helping Marines page you will find the dates and time of each event - please give them your support.

The Raggedy Ass Marines?

Well they are back, and they're back to help our wounded Marines and our FMF Corpsmen. Visit their website,, and take a look around. While you're there consider buying a - The Raggedy Ass Marines shirt - a portion of every sale goes to the Marines Helping Marines Hospital Program.

raggedy ass marinesIn this Corps of Marines every Marine must count and every Marine must know that they can count on every other Marine, which may be our greatest source of pride “We take care of each other.” From that pub in Philadelphia back in 1775 to the narrow streets of Baghdad it has always been that way.  Raggedy Ass Marines, Inc. is proud to lend our support to “Marines Helping Marines.” This is indeed a noble undertaking and worthy project.

The artwork is from my book The Raggedy Ass Marines and was drawn by another former Marine Herb Woods.  My Nephew talked me into republishing the books and doing the shirts and donating part of all the sales to the Wounded Marine Program.  We will be adding more shirts and other promotional products in the future so keep your eyes open.

Thank you for your support,

Semper Fi,
Capt. William T (Dinty) Moore (retired)

marines helping marines